Thursday, March 19, 2009

Posts from my YG Group.

I AM SO SORRY FOR YOU MAY FAMILIES!!! i was expecting you guys to get moved
up, and i can't imagine your disappointment!
> > jaime d.
I echo Jaime. I AM SO SORRY that this is the news you received on your May
court dates. It makes no sense!
> This morning I was thinking how our adoption journeys are such a picture of so
many other aspects of our life - where things don't make sense, where we get
passed by, where we wish God had planned it to happen differently. And yet He
has given each of us a UNIQUE journey in both adoption and in life.
> It's kind of overwhelming to think of how mindful He is of me, to plan this
journey, this adoption, this life JUST for me - in a way that He knows will
bring most glory to Him and teach ME most about WHO He is.
> He has carefully weighed and measured the pain that would come with it and has
determined that the good far out weighs the pain. It really humbles me and
makes me feel loved by Him!
> Hold tight and know that I understand your disappointment. I am praying for
each of you.
> Blessings - Sherry :)
A few years back the Lord was asking me to go through something that really made
no sense to my human thinking. As I was complaining to the Lord that I just
didn't get it, and how could He get glory from this because it "doesn't make
sense", He took me on a tour of the Bible.

1)It didn't make sense for Noah to build a boat when there had never been rain.
2)It didn't make sense for Joseph to get thrown in a pit, sold to Egypt, thrown
in prison etc.
3)It didn't make sense for the Israelites to wear themselves out marching around
Jericho day after day when they had a battle to fight!
4)It didn't make sense for God to use a murderer of Christians to spread the
gospel to the gentiles!

It's so easy for me to trust God when things make sense, and yet He gets so much
glory if I trust Him when they don't!

Thanks for your beautiful reminder Sherry!!


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