Monday, October 19, 2009

Official Homeschoolers!

I have FINALLY decided to homeschool, after much thought and prayer, we are going to homeschool Ava. I have been agonizing over this (out loud, sorry Nicole and Cindy) since Ava started Kindergarten. We were not unhappy with her school we just felt that this is something we can do and provide Ava with a better education and it frees up so much time for her to do other activities. PLUS we get to see her everyday. She has been gone from 8:30 am to almost 5 pm everyday. Too long!! Please pray that all will go smoothly in transitioning to this next adventure in our family life. On another note, we got to finally enjoy some fall activities this weekend. WE went to the Berry Hill Farm with Grandma and Ava and Genet's little cousin, Jeffrey. It was a lot of fun. Looks like that is going to be it for awhile as the weather is just not cooperating this year.

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