Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Praises!!

3 America World Families received baby boy referrals this last week. We are praising God with these families for the BEST Christmas gifts a waiting family can receive. We will be having our monthly conference call next week with our Ethiopian Coordinator and the rumor has it that the infant girl referrals will be taking longer there are a number of families well into there 9th months of waiting. Join us in praying for God's grace and patience in this tough time for these families and ours. We waited for 7 months in the El Salvador program and are close to another 7 months in the Ethiopian program. Many families have had even longer journies than ours. Please pray for us that we can wait for God's timing for our family. Ava prays EVERY night for God to pleeeeease bring Paetyn(our name as of now) to us soon. I have tried to explain to her that God has it all planned out and we just need to be patient. NOT easy for a 6 year old.

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