Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well, we only have 5 more weeks until court.LOL but it should go fast. Ava & I have an appointment tomorrow with an international travel doctor to start getting our shots. She really hates going to the doctor for ANYTHING!!So I told her if she does good I will take her to the new Hannah Montana Movie. I keep telling her she needs to be brave since she is going to be a big sister and will have to set a good example.Sounds like the chicken pox are going around the Transition Home where G*** is please pray she doesn't get it or at least has a very mild case. Poor baby, it is so hard not to be able to take care of her yet. I am going to start painting her room this weekend and then probably get to Ava's next weekend. There is the largest travel group in Ethiopia right now from our adoption agency and a couple of them are going to take some pictures for us. Can't wait to see her again.

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