Friday, April 17, 2009

Painting!and Shots!

I had FIVE shots on Wednesday and got 3 prescriptions for traveling(seems like overkill to me) and had already planned on painting G*** room this weekend. Yes, I am nuts. So after 5 gallons of paint, 3 shades of pink and green, I think I got it perfect and GUESS WHAT!? It is almost exactly the colors of Ava's room. I am truly mental. It has been a big deal, since it was going to be purple and Ava got upset because she wanted a purple room too. So, I decided, Who cares? G** hasn't had a pink room yet so we will do it PINK. I feel like I am writing sequel to Pinkalious or Purplelious. It is true, pink is powerful!LOL So anyway, Mike said anymore pink or girls and he is getting a Harley and visiting every 6 months.I will post some pics of her room later, it is not quite done and of course I want it perfect!

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