Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I got Genet's permanent resident card in the mail today!We have been home over a month now and Genet is getting more comfortable and Americanized everyday!lol She is trying AND liking more foods. She is in Ballet and LOVES it and is doing swimming lessons and LOVES that too. Ava started 2nd grade and I think Genet thinks she rides on a bus all day. Everytime we see a bus she says, Mom, Mom, Ava bus?We did a child dedication last Sunday at our old church and it was so fun to introduce Genet to all the people that have been praying for our journey since we started. I am sure she is wondering why does everyone come up to me all the time?I ran into the pastor/friend that married Mike and I and who have also adopted(domestically) this last week and what a fun blessing it was to see him!Ava is also in ballet and we haven't decided yet what else she is going to do. She wants to do another play this fall BUT she does NOT like getting up in the morning so I am not sure if I am willing to fight with her every morning since rehearsals can be up to 4 times a week and go really late. so we will see. I posted a few pics of our last couple of weeks. Fall is starting to get busy, there never seems to be a lull. I am so excited for Genet to see how pretty it gets here and for her to see and have fun in the snow!She likes to be outside all the time. I am having a hard time getting things done. Having two children really changes the dynamics and makes it alot harder to have any time to do projects around the home. On the other hand, it really makes me stop and just sit and enjoy time.God Bless

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