Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have just finished getting paperwork together and copies of everything, including 5!! copies of our passports. WHEW!!I kid you not, the stack of paper work is 2 inches thick.I have been working on it for 3 hours. Ava is having a sleepover so I really had to force myself to sit down and go thru everything. I was kind of dreading it.Everyone is asking if we are excited. and I really have to say NOT YET!!I don't feel like I can let myself yet. We have come so close too many times that I don't want my hopes up.I have a lot to do and yet I feel like I am in a dream that when you are trying to get ready to travel and you just spin in circles and can't accomplish anything. that being said our Adoption agency recommended we book our tickets, so I have done that but I will share more of our plans a little later. I have to share that our wait has not been in vain. Our church just finished VBS this last week, I had not planned on Ava going because I thought we would be gone or have just gotten back so I did not sign her up, Well, as you know, plans change. VBS started off with a GO FISH concert on Sunday the 19th, I had gotten tickets for Ava, Mike and I to go and Mike ended up having to work so Ava invited a friend with her from our neighborhood and she ended up going to VBS all week with Ava and they really enjoyed themselves. I am really happy that Ava is so excited to share Jesus with her friends.I am really proud of her.Anyway, God has a funny thing of revealing things while you wait. I will post more about our travel plans later(hopefully tomorrow).

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