Friday, November 6, 2009

1 month of homeschooling and the learning continues

okay, so as usual, anytime I decide to get "into something" I have to become obsessed and my home is littered with info on my latest obsession, which happens to be homeschooling. So tonight as I was getting Ava ready for bed I told her she needs to start reading this chapter book on the "First Thanksgiving" in the magic treehouse series and she rolls her eyes at me and says, "Mom, I already KNOW about the pilgrims and thanksgiving." and it HIT me, yeah, she does and why do we have to keep talking and studing it just like the schools do, the same thing year after year. YUCK! know wonder they lose interest in learning, I know she doesn't know everything but so what, she is 7. She gets the idea of the pilgrims, thanksgiving and squanto, etc. So I think the most we will visit the topic is to watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" so about another hour or so went by and I decided to make a deal with her, while we will still have to do math and language arts almost daily,I asked her, WHAT do you want to learn about?anything you want, give me some ideas. I want her to WANT to learn and look forward to reading about pretty much anything. SO... she wants to learn about lights, who invented electricity; all of the president's pets, Walt Disney not the "guy" but why and how did he think of Mickey Mouse?; Moses; how did God know that our hands should be at the end of our arms, and how we should have blood; and the about the guy that painted the "margerita" she means the Mona Lisa. So I told her we will "google what we can" and go to the library and check out what ever subjects and books interest her. I am also reading a book on discoving your child's learning style and I think I have my work cut out for me. But you know what, I am interested in all these things too. So what an adventure we are on...
On another adoption note: Genet is doing amazingly well, thanks so much to Ava who is so patient and just a wonderful big sister. They really get along well. Genet had her last so called check up at the eye doctor today and everything check out great. She is picking up so much. She is smart and loving. I am truly amazed at both of my girls and feel incredibly blessed to have them.

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