Sunday, November 22, 2009

Catching Up!

okay, I haven't posted any pics in awhile because we have been sooooo busy! Science Museums, the Bodies Exhibit at the MOA, a waterpark for a birthday, plays and just everything else that comes along in life. Genet had her ECFE assessment and she passed with flying colors. They had an interpreter there and she refused to even acknowledge her, she would ask Genet a question and she would simply ignore her and then Ava or I would ask the same question and she would answer. Not sure what was up, she called Genet by the correct pronounciation of her name in Ethiopian and Genet told her in no uncertain terms HOW to say her name. It was funny, but I felt bad for the interpeter, she was very kind. We also had our 3 month post placement with our social worker this weekend. We have really lucked out with Genet, she is smart, loving and doesn't seem to have any issues that we need to be aware of right now. I am still waiting for something, it seems alot of families have one issue or another, I also know God only gives you what you can handle, so we must be weak!lol because our post adoption has been really really wonderful! I have felt so undeserving of this child and to have it be good is even more humbling.Enjoy some pics of our activites recently..

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