Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween, Genet got to see her first parade and go trick or treating. She totally got it!I mean a no brainer getting lots of candy, right?? Homeschooling is going really good. I can't believe for as much as I hated Ava starting school each fall that I didn't start homeschooling in Kindergarten. I love having her home and I feel like her math and reading are improving already. Of course, we have only been at it for a few weeks. Last Friday she got to go to the Cahill school and experience a real one room school house just like the pioneers. This week we are going to the science museum. So between, ballet for both, Youth group, swimming and field trips the weeks are soooo busy!Ava and daddy are starting puppy classes so we will see. I am NOT totally sold on the dog

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