Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beauty & The Beast Rehearsals Have Begun

Hello All!! Our quiet and relaxing winter has come to an abrupt halt. Ava started a new play Disney's Beauty and The Beast. Rehearsals are going to be 3-5 nights a week and I am one of the producers(1st time producing)YIKES!!!I even recuited Mike to help with set building.The next two months are going to go fast which should help us as we are just at the end of our waiting for referral.We are sooo close. I saw a picture today of a little girl from Ethiopia in our paper and I could hardly take my eyes off of her. Is this what she will look like?Some days the wait is truly painful.I told my husband we are probably going to adopt again and he said start NOW! A lot of parents say adopting is addicting. We will see.

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