Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today we got a referral of a 2 year girl.I cannot share anymore details with you until we pass court.But she is BEAUTIFUL!!!I can't take my eyes off of her photo.It was a perfect day, Ava had a late start at school and she got to be here when we got the call and the photos of her.She said and I quote"I KNEW God could do it!!" and then she said "maybe this is our valentine from HIM."It feels surreal.Our next step is to secure a court date before we can LEGALLY claim her and right now they are passing out court dates approx end of April and after we pass court THEN we travel to get her within 2-3 weeks.


tim&christy said...

hey you guys! We are so glad things are going in the right direction.Your getting closer every day.Anxiety must be driving you nuts?!We will talk soon. Tim Q.

Nichole said...

Congratulations!!! SOOO happy for you guys and I cannot wait to meet your new daughter.