Saturday, February 21, 2009

Care Package on its way!

We sent a care package to G**** with the Hall family. They were so wonderful to offer to bring some things to her. We sent her an album with our family pictures in it so she can maybe start to recognize us, a super soft blankie, a prayer book for children, a little dolly and couple of Ava's little dresses from when she was 2. I just can't believe she is that little, when I pulled out Ava's stuff that was 2T, I can't imagine her in them. I happen be able to talk to a lovely lady Kelly B. who just returned last week from picking up her daughter, I emailed her and asked her if she happen to see our little girl. She said she did and that she is soo little/petite, seemed very happy and easy going and was STUNNING! The information that we are getting and the families that are traveling before us that are going to love on our daughter are these AMAZING blessings that are truly a lifeline in this unbelievable journey. I only have a couple pictures of her and I just stare trying to take in every detail. Last night I finally had my break down and just cried and cried. I am soo happy!! I cannot believe God deems us worthy enough to give us this special gift. I mean, Who are we that we deserve this?As the Hall and Black families travel and bring us more pictures and information we will be fervently praying for their safe and exciting journey to there own children. My only way to repay this debt is that we will someday be traveling and able to bless another family the way these families are blessing us.I am so full of Joy right now.


Robin said...

I'm very excited for you & your family Dawn! What great news!! :-)

Nichole said...

I bet putting that care package together was so much fun! It must be so hard to wait to get her here. That's awesome that you can get news of her from other people going there, very cool! I can't wait to see her.