Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lots to be done today in Ethiopia~

Tonight as I am writing it is Monday morning in Ethiopia and A LOT has to be done for our case. MOWA(Ministry of Women's and Childrens Affairs)needs to write a letter of recommendation to the courts for us to adopt G*** unless they have already done so. Remember last time our Power of Attorney form needed to be redone.Also, a family member may need to be found today and may need to be present at court tomorrow. So how can you pray for us?

1) pray that ALL paperwork is done and to the courts and the judge is satisified with everything.

2)pray that if a family member needs to be at court they are found, able to travel, and the judge is satisfied with their testimony.

3)pray for all our hearts and G*** that we will be open and ready to LOVE each other even more than we already do.

4)pray that we are ready and willing to accept whatever God has in store for us and for us NOT to get discouraged.

This process has had soo many ups and downs but I am so glad to be on it. We are praising God for even letting us be part of this amazing journey for every part of it. the good the bad and the ugly!

A little excerpt from Ava's prayers last night:

Dear Jesus, please, pleeeeeese let the judge say YES that G*** can be my sister and we can go to Ethiopia and bring her home.

AMEN to That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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