Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2 Weeks Until 2nd Court Date!

Well we are down to two weeks again, remember it will actually be on Monday night the 15th of June as Ethiopia is 10-11 hours ahead of us. So as we sleep our case will be heard. Please pray that all our paperwork is done to the judge's satisfaction and that if any family members need to be present that they are there and the judge is happy with their testimony.We could possibly be traveling July 1st IF we pass court June 16th. On a praise note, the Addis Ababa Embassy FINALLY received our updated approval with the correct info.YEAH!!!!That has been a real headache dealing with the National Visa Center/Immigration. Also our 2nd Power of Attorney form was FED EXed to Ethiopia last Friday. Praise God!We are trying to keep busy until court. Mike got a bigger pool this year and the kids(Ava and my nephews) are sooo excited to get it up. That project took on a life of it's own; we needed to cut down a HUGE tree and pour a concrete slab for it. Projects always seem to get bigger than you plan.lol

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Robin said...

Hi Dawn! I'm so sorry your first court date didn't go as you had planned. I checked and my friend who is also adopting from there also had problems. :-( http://reneecoffey.typepad.com/ - I hope you both get your little girls soon!