Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ONE!!!Week until our 2nd Court Date!!

YEAH!We are down to one week again,we have been trying to keep busy, we got our May update on G*** she has gained a pound since April, she likes female toys and will bite if one of the other kids takes her toys away.YIKES!!I told Mike and he said "thata girl". Well it's nice to see she has some spunk she is going to need it to be a Gagnon!The pics we got of her were so cute she had on some girly clothes.FINALLY!!and a little headband.in one pic she is by some flowers, they are just awesome pics.We also got our new Tenative travel dates for July 4-July11th, I put our tickets on hold with Emirates.We are bringing Ava with us since we are HOPEFULLY going to be traveling over her Birthday, Which is July 5th, What a birthday, we told her we will still have a party when we get home but how many kids get to go to Dubai and Africa for their B-days!We are checking into a safari dune buggy type excursion to do in Dubai where we will get to ride camels and see real belly dancers!All this is tenative of course on us passing court next Tuesday(Monday night). Stay tuned and PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR US!!!

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