Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We didn't pass AGAIN!!!

Well, we sort of half passed. Our paper work was complete and fine per the judge BUT the family member didn't show up!so now what?well, our agency is going to have to track them down and get them to court. Our case remains open so as soon as the can get the family member to Addis Ababa we can potentially pass right then. Our Agency's co ordinator felt VERY POSTIVE that this will be resolved in the next week to week and half. IF it happens yet this week we could still leave by July 1st!!how am I doing?I am actually really really good this time around. very calm. I can totally feel all the prayers and well wishes from everyone. THANK YOU!!! I have a tremendous amount of hope. GOD is GOOD!!!! I am praising Him today for our adoption journey, I wouldn't trade any of it.Thank you again for all the calls and emails. Hopefully my next post will be telling you all we passed!

God Bless,

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