Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 Weeks to court!

countdown begins again. Well after spending 3 hours Friday morning trying to get into contact with our local congressman and senator I got a call from our adoption co ordinator on our way out of town that the Secretary of State apostilled our Power of Attorney form INSTEAD of certifing it. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooo, yesterday on Memorial Day I found a notary to help us at a local grocery store, we did the form AGAIN and this morning I loaded up my nephews and went back down to the Secretary of State, they were really nice about it and re did it for free. Wow.Thanks alot. If they only knew what they did. Sometimes I stop and think about this journey and the people that have helped us (or not) by the simple stamp or signature they do everyday and do they realize the ripple effect it can have sometimes?It makes me stop and think how important even our every little day mineal(?) tasks are and how even a comment or expression can really effect someone's day or event in there life. It makes me appreicate God even more and all that he is doing for us that we don't even see, all the work that goes into everything we do or have.Anyway, our 2nd POA form is on its way to our adoption agency in VA and we are praying for a miracle that maybe, just maybe we will get an earlier court date. If not, well pray we have peace and patience as we wait.

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