Friday, May 22, 2009

POA and USCIS Updates!

Okay, I did not have a good night last night, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, I think I need to re read some of my earlier posts about attitude. I am angry, sad, worried!On a good note our adoption co ordinator did receive our new Power of Attorney form this morning, so it should be on its way on Monday to Ethiopia, HAND DELIVERED with a staff member that is going there. I am praying for a miracle that our court date will get moved up!and for all my other friends that are needing the same thing to happen. At least we have a court date, some did not even get to schedule court.See, I am trying to be positive. Okay, on another not so good note our USCIS Extension approval has been cabled 2 times to Addis Ababa and for some reason they still claim NOT to have it. I really don't know if I can sit on the phone and deal with this all day, I really don't even FEEL like being nice.UGH!!!Our adoption travel co ordinator said if they don't get it done we may have to get some authorities involved like our congressman.I really feel like curling up and sleeping until June 16th!My energy level is zapped!BUT then I realized I have a beautiful little girl in Ethiopia waiting for me and another beautiful little girl here that is watching how I react and I pray she will someday think of her mother as a women who trusted in the Lord at the hardest times and that I conducted myself with grace and dignity.
God Bless my family and Friends.Thank you for reading all my posts and praying for me.
Have a GREAT Memorial day weekend!

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