Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MOWA Letters of recommendation

We are about a week from court and up until yesterday I was getting excited to have this court date and be on our way to our daughter. Then we got notification that MOWA will not be writing recommendation letters for children in certain circumstances. While, this has not affected our family. My heart is soo heavy for my friends that are now stuck in the court system with out a way to know when it will end. I am really nervous about court now. The judges are being even more meticulous with paperwork,as it is wonderful that the Ethiopian Government is taking all precautions to ensure that children are not trafficked, it is just heartbreaking to be almost at the end of this journey only to see the wait time increase. This is once again, God requiring us to lean on HIM at all times and in all things. I recently read on another blog that we have to remember our children are God's not ours. WE get the previlage and blessing of our children from God. Our adoptions are God's plan for our lives, he will not allow these children away from us any longer than He has already planned. How mighty He is.Please join me in prayer for these families that MOWA and the Ethiopian government will quickly get through their investigations and for the families to find peace and patience in Christ.

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