Wednesday, May 13, 2009


ONE!!Week from today and we will find out if G*** is officially ours!I am soo excited!at times I feel like I am going to be sick to my stomache.This has been such a bittersweet week for our fellow families adopting with us from Ethiopia. 5 out of 11 families passed court. While we are praising God and rejoicing with those families we are just heartbroken over the families that have rescheduled court dates or no court dates at all.We got notice today that our USCIS approval that was sent to Addis Ababa on April 1st, 2009 has not been received. I had to contact the NVC and request they re email it. If this does not get done, we may not be able travel on time.PLEASE put this on your prayer lists that everything gets into them on time.

God Bless


Heidi@AwesomeHerbs said...

One week? WOW. We'll surely be praying hard that your approval papers make it safely... do you already have flights out?

Why create this blog? said...

Dawn... We were where you are with USCIS, and all I can say is GET YOUR SENATORS/CONGRESSMEN involved! It is positively amazing how people can jump to it when a congress person is on the phone. That it what they are there for!