Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Court TONIGHT!!!

Well Prayer Warriors, Tonight is the night!When we go to sleep(right!)tonight Ethiopian Courts will be open and our case will be heard to determine if G*** will officially become ours. I pretty much have butterflies in my tummy all the time. I can pretend and write all I want that I am content and at peace but this is really hard. Harder than I can ever explain. I do have moments of peace and I realized yesterday that was an exact time that someone was actually praying for us.Thank you!!!Today, I am trying to keep busy, watching kids & book work hoping that I can get all of this done before we leave.If we pass court and can travel as planned it works so well with doing the books.among other things.I put together or should say figured out the car seat again. I forgot how complicated that can be. I had to put my nephew in it and he was really good about it.(he is only 19mos)He is about the same size and weight as G*** so it was a good way to figure out the constraints.The weather is great today and tomorrow it is supposed to be 90!So I am going to get the little pool set up to keep my nephews busy!!I am praying to be celebrating with a LARGE cup of coffee with all my fellow YG Friends on all our successful court hearings tomorrow. It has been 20 days since I had any coffee!lol. I need my caffeine.

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