Monday, May 4, 2009

Fasting & Travel Plans

Well folks, we are sixteen days until court.YIPEE!!My tentative travel group has decided we are going to fast and pray, pray, pray until our May 20-21 court dates!We have all given up something from chocolate to sweets to coffee. YES, I am giving up my beloved coffee. I have made it 3 days already!!And boy do I need it, with 3 little boys Mondays-Wednesdays I really need the energy. We have also been trying to figure out our travel arrangements. We have gone from all of us going to just Mike and I to all three of us and now maybe just me. Our adoption agency has given us too much time to think about it. Quicker court dates and we wouldn't be able to come up with all these different ideas.LOL So stay tuned... and KEEP PRAYING!!

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