Friday, August 7, 2009


It is Friday morning and we just woke up. We got all confused last night, we got in around lunch time Paris time and our room was not ready so we changed clothes and did a little walking but we were sooo tired. way to hard to sleep on the plane. but we stayed up until about 8pm. We had dinner at the Hard Rock and have taken lots of Pictures already. We went to bed and when we woke up we thought we slept all morning and then after about 2 hours without the sun coming up we realized the clock in our room was totally wrong and it was only 3am. Greg, I tried to text you back!so we eventually fell back to sleep and now it is 9am. Mike thinks we overslept Well, we told Ava today we will go to the Eifel Tower today, I hope she doesn't think Fancy Nancy will be there, well until later. Au revoir.

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Robin said...

wow! so excited for you all! Make to to call me when you get all settled! I'll come to your house and take photos if you'd like. :-) Or you can come here!