Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 11th

They took us shopping on Tuesday morning, and I really didn’t feel like shopping. My mind was just not in the mood to barter for prices and try and find things to buy, believe it or not I do not like that kind of shopping. After another lunch we got to go back to the TH home and I was just like so ready to go get Genet. Give me my daughter. Then we got there and she was just getting up from a nap, she went to Mike and then I wanted to see her room and where she slept. I went back and saw where she had spent the last 6 months of her short life and I just lost it. It was nothing wrong with the room or place; just that I was going to be ripping her away from all she knew AGAIN. She was happy here, who am I to take her away from that? Will she be happier with us? Or will we wreck her by all the stuff she will now have or get? I took some pics for her and there was a rainbow painted on the wall, Mike suggested maybe we have one painted in her room when we get home. We changed her clothes and I kissed the nannies, they were sad too. Then it was time to give out our care packages we brought for other families and take pictures for them. This gets really really crazy. But I was sooo happy to do this for other families, the pictures we received during our wait were just a precious lifeline to Genet and a real comfort. I had out packages and Mike took the photos. I thought how am I going to remember whose kids are whose? and after meeting them and hugging and taking pics you can easily remember. They are all so amazing and the families are going to be so blessed by them. When it was time to leave I thought we would have a little sadness from Genet but no, she just got right in the van got on the seat(legs swinging and dangling) and smiled like she was so ready for it to be her turn to have a family. It was so fun bringing her back to the Hotel everything was new; Ava wanted to show her everything. I had to explain that not too much it is overwhelming. Her shower was funny she is just game for everything, loved the warm shower, loved lotion, her jammies, blankie, all of it. We all went to bed and slept all night.

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