Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thursday, August 13th

Ava and I visited the orphanage today. Ava was really great, she handed out fruit snacks and was mobbed by kids, you can tell in the pics she is kinda of One of the ladies there did a coffee ceremony for us and the coffee was FABULOUS! The orphanage was about what I expected and I was teary eyed more than once. These kids are just great and to think so many will not have homes. We brought donations and I stopped and bought a whole bunch of bananas. One of the older girls took my wrist and gave me a wrist band off of her hand, she patted my check and gave me a kiss. It was so sweet, I had to turn away for awhile, did she think I needed comforting, what was wrong with me? this sweet sweet girl was worried about someone else. I wish I would have thought of things to bring the older kids, they get left out with all the babies and little ones.

Mike and Genet stayed back at the Guest home and all was well until they lost power and Dora got shut off. He tried to get her to stop crying so he painted her fingers and toes, yes, Mike did that! and show her pics of mommy on his I-pod but she would have none of it. She was really upset. Poor Mike, he is trying but she is already a momma’s girl. When we got home my mom and dad asked him how the trip went and he said it was a long way to go to get hit and kicked.

We had dinner at the Guest house Thursday night and Genet does NOT like spaghetti, to bad, we eat spaghetti a lot. We are ready to go home and start the long flights. We are all sleeping okay, this was the first night I heard the Muslims praying. The dogs are usually barking. The funny thing is the Guest home is quieter during the day than at night. Go figure.

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