Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Days!

Seriously, does it get any better than a hot summer day in Minnesota,swimming, laying in the sun and eating Cheetos?Week two has been easier!food thing still sucks(pardon my French)We have actually been busy, I have tried to NOT do too much running around but we just seem to have stuff to do everyday. Genet had a dermatologist appt this last week and all looks good. She saw no lice. YIPEE!!Mike has been waiting for our down comforter to be put back on our bed, but I had washed it once and put it in a bag and was waiting to get a clear ahead we had no lice!lol We are still having some serious jealousy issues with Ava, I guess it will just take some time. We reassure her everyday about how much we love her, but she just has a hard time when we are paying attention to Genet. On the other hand, Ava is so good with her, they play up in their rooms all the time. They change clothes constantly. Genet LOVES lip gloss, and is constantly putting it on(more around her lips than on them). She seems so well adjusted already. We have been bringing her with us to church and she is so wiley. I told Mike next Sunday she is going to Sunday school!I have been afraid to leave her at all. Ava has one more week before she goes back to school. Grandma got her heelys and if you know Ava it is funny, I told her she needs a helmet. Mike & I have always secretly called her Gilda(Gilda Radner from SNL)She has all this long wild curly hair, knobby knees and it a total clutz!so these shoes I can't figure out why she wanted them?oh well, at least the wheels are NOT allowed at school, so only need to worry at home.


Bliss said...

I hear you on the food issue thing. We have been home 4 months now and are still having some issues. For the most part we know what Molly likes and dislikes but we are still having to reintroduce foods she has said she doesn't like to find out that she actually does like it. Now that she is in school she is having issues with the school lunches. At least others are getting a glimpse into my world.

Anonymous said...

Hi my Name is Tella, My family is in the procss of adopting now but a few month ago my mom, sister and i went to ethiopia with family friends to bring home their three children. They already had adopted one little girl ten years ago and she was very used to being the only child, their was very serious jealousy at first but after a few months she has really calmed down and the kids get along great. Some fights here and there but not bad at all. I just wanted to encourage you because i know how stressful that can be. Know my prayers are with your family.