Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Friday August 14th

We did a little walking around this morning and packed! We met in the lobby at 5:30 pm for a prayer before we left for the airport. As we were driving to the airport in the van, Genet was looking out the window and for the first time she wasn’t holding my hand, she was just looking out the window and it looked to me that she was just taking in everything about her country she could at that age. She was just staring, I commented on it to another mom we were leaving with and we both just started to cry. The emotions of this week and everything we had experienced came to a head, we were so glad to be going home yet at the same time it was really sad. I just can’t explain it. We got to the airport and I was nervous again, just shakey going thru security like someone was going to stop us. Our flights were on time and extremely long about 16 hours on the plane from Addis to DC via a fuel up in Rome. Genet did not want the seat buckle on the plane but I just stuck to it and she has this serious pout but too bad, wait until she gets put in a car seat. The girls both slept most of the way, which was great, I was unsure how to entertain a toddler that does not speak English on a plane. We got into DC on Sat morning and we ate at a hamburger joint right Fries, Cokes WITH ice. Then I headed to starbucks for Ice Tea, I had been craving Ice Tea for almost 2 weeks! We had a 6 hour lay over in DC and then a 2 hour flight home. We were so happy to land in America in DC that I just wanted to kiss the ground. We had a nice size travel group and everyone seemed like they felt okay. Some had a cold etc. but over all Mike, Ava and I did not get sick. We were taking probotics and I think that helped tremendously. We had a water leak at home and thank goodness we had someone staying at our home so it was caught right away and my father in law took care of it right away, called our insurance and started all the bids and estimates. My folks picked us up from the airport and took care of stuff at our home too. We are soo blessed with our families and all the support we have. Thank you to all for prayers, support and the ones who sent donations for the TH and orphanages. They were so needed and appreciated.

Stay tuned… our adventure is just beginning!lol

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