Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday, August 10th

We met in the lobby and did our paperwork party, which was only a couple of forms and then when we were done they informed us Monday night was ladies night and we could all opt to go to the Spa tonight. What? How awesome! Of course Mike wanted a massage and after some razzing from the other guys (which didn’t bother him) we scheduled our appointments. Off to lunch at a pizza joint and it was really good. All thru this I was eerily calm knowing in a couple hours we were going to meet Genet for the first time. So after lunch we were off, after a short drive we came to the gate of the TH home and I was seriously NOT going to cry and then when I saw the America World sign I teared up. We only had a group of 4 families and we take turns alphabetical by last name and we were 3rd in line. So we took other families cameras until our turn. My hands were literally shaking and then it was finally our turn, they brought out our little Genet, she came out and was soooo much cuter than I ever imagined. Her hair was all done up and she had on a dress we sent and she was just smiling like, it is FINALLY my turn. She was really tiny and came right to us. She was and is a little afraid of Mike. I knew we were not supposed to have any expectations for this moment and I was ready for her not to like me, but I am telling you it was LOVE at first sight. A lot of people say it takes awhile because this child is new, it doesn’t smell familiar or their mannerisms are not like ours but I seriously didn’t feel that and she took to me right away. We spent 3 hours there and played with balloons, Ava and Genet ran around and around the TH home and I thought, WOW, how am I going to run after a toddler again. Then Genet started to braid and play with Ava’s hair and it was soo funny, I have it on video. Then it was time to leave and Genet did NOT want me to leave. I had to pull her hand out of mine and a nanny took it then I looked back and she had this serious pout going on and tears and that was really hard. Did she think I was coming back? I promised her I would be back and then I had to just turn away. It was gut wrenching.
Going to the spa on Monday night was conflicting, it was in a way a good way to distract from thinking about our children and Ava and I got to have a girl’s night together. We both had pedicures and Mike and I both had massages. ALL TOGETHER it was about $70. Complete change from Paris. The Boston Spa was just as nice if not nicer then some of the spas around home. We opted out of the Ethiopian Dinner on Monday night since it got so late and we knew that Tuesday was going to be another big and busy day.

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