Sunday, August 16, 2009

We are HOME!!!

We got home Saturday night about 5:30pm. I will post details in a couple of days. We are just trying to get unpack and settled in again. We treated just in case for lice, since that is going around, so I am washing EVERYTHING. spraying out suitcases. I don't think Genet has it but it was going around, so we are trying to be proactive. We took our first bath last night. Genet LOVES water, she is constantly washing her hands. After we got our jammies on, we showed her her room and she went over to the toy bins and found a pony like the one we sent her and then she found a barbie like the one we sent her and I think it hit her what she left. Everything she new, she started crying really softly and it just broke my heart she went downstairs and put on her shoes and was standing by the door with the pony and barbie just crying so soft with big tears.So Mike came in and we prayed over her and asked God to comfort her and within a few minutes she stopped, she was still really quiet and laid with all of us awhile and then I put her in her crib(she is still in a crib at the TH home, so we thought that would be most comforting)and we all slept until about 5 am.She is doing good and playing this am. She loves juice. Ava is really good with her and she calls Ava all the time.Please pray for Ava she is having a little adjusting going on. She has been really hit hard this last week, everyone is all interested in Genet and everything she is doing is so cool and Ava has really been put in the background. I am going to try and have a little Mom and Ava time this week.I will post more soon.Thank you for all the prayers. And thanks to Mom and Dad and my inlaws who took care of soooo much while we were gone.


Robin said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad you all made it home safely! I'm sure it will take a little adjusting for you all, but it will all work out! We'll be praying for you all! :-)

Bliss said...

welcome home. So happy to see Genet with her forever family. Will keep you in our prayers during the transition period.